Kale’s voice was once described as “round and smooth like a river rock,” and they haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

Kale is a non-binary Canadian writer, editor, graphic designer and voice actor who had the bad luck to exist near a sinkhole one time and apparently never got over the experience. You can hear more about that in Kale’s own podcast SINKHOLE, a short form near-future science-fiction podcast exploring the impact of changing technologies on communication and relationships, as well as the important and relatable experience of living in a city best known for that one time a huge chunk of it fell into a glowing hole in the ground no one can seem to fill in.

After being cast as Mickey O'Shae in cosmic noir podcast Blake Skye: Private Eye, Kale discovered a deep love of audio editing, somehow going from learning how to run noise reduction on a track in Audacity in January of 2021 to sprinting headfirst into binaural sound design in Reaper by spring of 2022.

You can hear more of Kale's work as a voice actor on podcasts such as Breathing Space, Arcadia, CA., Devoid of Space, and Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason.

You can hear more of Kale's work as an editor in Breathing Space episodes 'The Tale of the Knock at the Airlock' and 'The Station at the End of the Universe', as well as in a growing number of deeply unpleasant in-universe ads. You can also hear their work as an editor in Devoid of Space episode 'Prominence'. You cannot leave editing work unattended around them, as they will slip out of a nearby vent and steal it.