Set in a near-future world which has endured and adapted to the aftermath of two very severe (but localized) anomalous events, SINKHOLE treats the appearance of an extremely large and spatially inexplicable sinkhole in a densely-populated urban area as an accepted fact of life- even if the hundred-and-twelve people who emerged from it thirty years later were all irrevocably changed by the experience, ultimately finding themselves left to grapple with the demands of a sometimes-unfamiliar future in which a technologically-assisted global neighbourhood experiences everything together and speaks little to those who can’t join in.

Influenced by works such as The Lathe of Heaven and I Am In EskewSINKHOLE both celebrates the ways humanity evolves alongside technology and mourns the ways it leaves behind those who can’t keep up.

Transcripts for all episodes are available to read on the website or in .pdf form for download.

SINKHOLE is written, edited, and narrated by Kale Brown and features additional voicework from a number of talented performers across multiple timezones. Additional information can be found on the Cast & Crew page.

The artwork for SINKHOLE was created by Kale Brown.


Down on his luck gumshoe Blake Skye only had two options: take the job or die in the gutter. But worse things than death lie waiting in the shadows of the City. What madness and horror await?

This City is a dirty, ugly thing, and the stars in the sky above it are as distant and alien as the people within it: join down-on-his-luck gumshoe Blake Skye as a woman’s seemingly simple request to investigate her husband’s infidelity finds him embroiled in the midst of an otherworldly conspiracy reaching far beyond the streets and alleys of the City he lives in.

Blake Skye: Private Eye is a noir detective radio drama with a dash of cosmic horror featuring a growing cast of up and coming voice actors that seeks to tell amazing noir stories in a modern and inclusive way!

Kale Brown plays gang leader Mickey O'Shae.

The artwork for Blake Skye: Private Eye was created by Kale Brown.


In this canonical Blake Skye: Private Eye side-story, this City is a dumb and blindered thing, full to the brimming with people who would rather pretend at goodness than allow themselves to see beneath their own grimy façades: join Deacon University research assistant and mostly-quiet conspiracy theorist Quinn McDunn as a simple research assignment finds them swept up in a conspiracy far exceeding even their strangest expectations.

Kale Brown wrote, edited and produced Quinn's Mechanism and plays the title role of Quinn McDunn.

The artwork for Quinn's Mechanism was created by Kale Brown.


There is a great deal of space in the Sol system.

These are small stories of the people who fill it.

Listen to fragments of the lives of people belonging to three vastly different cultures: Terrans, planet-dwellers fighting to maintain the lives they’ve always known in an increasingly-precarious ecosystem; Belters, fiercely independent individualists, scraping out livelihoods on the asteroids and moons of the Sol system; and the Peregrination, former refugees turned family, struggling simply to exist in the blackness of space.

Kale Brown played Brighter in 'Flicker of a Torch' and edited episodes 'The Station at the End of the Universe' and 'The Tale of the Knock at the Airlock' as well as growing number of deeply unpleasant in-universe ads.


Imagine darkness. A night so vast, so overwhelming no human mind can comprehend it. An alien frontier that calls to us with a voice impossible to ignore.

Imagine fear. The kind of terror that can only be born in the total absence of light. That dread that pushes us to fight, to flee.

Now join us in imagining the stories that can only exist where darkness and fear collide.

Devoid of Space is a sci-fi horror anthology.

Kale Brown plays Felix Smauk in 'The Mystery of Haven Station', edited 'Prominence', and wrote, edited, and produced 'Perfect Integration'. 


When my moms and I first moved to Arcadia, I thought I’d never get enough material to make my first film. What kind of inspiration could a small-enough-to-be-boring, but not small-enough-to-be-creepy Northern California town provide for a horror movie?It turns out I was wrong. Arcadia has plenty of material. It’s just in a genre I never expected.

Arcadia, California is a bi-weekly, suburban fantasy audio drama following 16-year-old Niko MacCleary as he tries to simultaneously attend high school, write and produce his debut film, and uphold his legacy as the youngest and last member of a family whose power and obligations bind them to the town rather more than he realized.

Kale Brown plays Thomas MacCleary.